Early Detection:
Early detection and treatment of cavities can prevent more costly and painful treatment later. 
We see children as early as six (6) months after the first tooth appears!

Teeth Grinding:
Stress is one reason why many people grind their teeth at night; however, there are several other reasons for this condition.  Problems with jaw alignment, and “occlusion” or the way teeth come together is often a factor for teeth-grinders. Schedule your comprehensive examination today.

Chewing Ice:
Chewing ice on a regular basis can cause damage to your teeth.  The main problem is that ice is hard and can cause fracture lines in your teeth.  Fracture lines can cause sensitivity to cold or biting pressure, and may eventually cause a piece of the tooth to fracture right off.  Ice chewing can also cause the enamel to wear more quickly on your teeth making them more susceptible to decay, and possibly lead to TMD, a condition that causes painful jaw movements.  For more information about the side effects of chewing ice and treatment, please contact our office to speak to any of our knowledgeable staff.

TMD is a condition of the Temporomandibular Joint that can seriously affect how your mouth works.  People with TMD often suffer from side effects such as blocked nasal passages, neck pain, headaches and difficulty chewing.  For more information about TMD side effects and treatment, please contact our office and schedule your appointment today!


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